Important elements of music

It is important to understand music theory. It is very useful to the musician. If you have learned to play instruments by ear, then that is a great accomplishment. However, what makes a musician complete is not just listening to notes, but understanding what makes certain music work. Therefore, a musician should have a better grasp of important music elements.

First, he or she should understand how melody works. In fact, this is a basic part of every piece of music. You should note that melody cannot exist, as the music would sound too redundant. Picking notes from a particular scale and then reordering them so that they can fit certain chord progression is quite important. Melody is used in conjunction with the dynamics, harmony, and rhythmic patterns. The other element is scale. This is a group of notes, which act as skeletal structure of the pieces of music.

In order to appreciate music, one must understand the sound created by every type of instrument. A guitar, drums, flute etc. create their own unique sound and a melody can be so much better when they are all played in harmony.